Chaplain Geoffrey

Tactical Expert, Chaplain, Mournful, Tall, Bald, Slightly Tanned, Team-Oriented, Crozius, Power Fist, Rosarius


Chaplain Geoffrey is from the Marine Errant 7th Company and is a seasoned veteran of many Crusades. He was very valued by his Captain for his tactical skill and sound guidance. This is also why Deathwatch as seconded him for duty. He still bares the deaths of many of his fellow brothers including three separate situations where he was the last one standing of his strike forces.

It is believed he is stationed at Watch-Fortress Hyperion for his knowledge of ancient lore and myths and as a very open mind (for a Chaplain) to them. Although he has served his duty almost to full his Company is in unknown territory and he must, like many others of his Chapter, wait and hope for them to survive and come close enough for him to leave. He also creates bonds very easily.

Chaplain Geoffrey

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