Arch-Magos Dux Ferrarii

Arch-Magos of Bellator Majoris, Master Smith,


1.89 Meters Tall, (Passed Crux Mechanicus)


Arch-Magos Dux Ferrarii is the head of Bellator Majoris and a Coven-Master of the Emissarii Coven. He is considered one of the Covens most benevolent and wise member in history who is also known for having more exploration fleets sent out and even the occasional “Extrapolation Crusades” which are massive explorations that can consist of Skitarii Legions and Titan Legions and any other resources that can be pulled. Most of these Crusades go into what is known as the Tartarus Frontier which is the most elusive area in the Tartarus Sub-Sector and the Keres Abyss. He has played a major role in the development and grooming of Lacedaemon but has payed little attention to the now Heretek Genetor but has had put more interest in the Crimson Collective and his Crusades.

Ferrarii also has been putting an odd amount of time in solitude and regular meetings within the Coven have drastically lowered even for his history. It is unknown whether maybe he has just become a little overwhelmed with work or something more dark. either way a eye should be kept on him.


Benevolent leader-Ferrarii is a very kind, patient and caring ruler who is very open to others opinion.
Drive of passion-Ferrarii is a very driven man who will pull as many resources as he can to fulfill a goal to even to a fault.
High hopes-He is very hopeful and pragmatic.
Mystery of absence-Although Ferrarii is very open about himself he seems to still keep many secrets hidden.

Arch-Magos Dux Ferrarii

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