Alpha Primus Lacedaemon

Alpha Primus of the Skitarii Legion, Emissarii Covens Executioner, The Crimson Knight,


1,9 Meters Tall, 1600 lbs, (He has passed the Crux Mechanicus during his first surgeries by the Genetor so very few flesh features remain.)


Lacedaemon is a former Knight-to-be of the Steward Household who couldn’t pass the Trials of Becoming but was given to the Emissarii Coven by the House’s ArchSacristian Arawn as a gift. He was originally paralyzed almost completely but Genetor Malevious worked on him for nine months and got to do all kinds of first time attempts for example his helmet was made based off a Thallax helmet which improves his site and perception greatly. Also because of his previous implants and neural setup from being a former Knight he is able to seamlessly separate his conciseness that only Tech-Priest of esteemed rank and tech could do.

Upon his completion he became the Alpha Primus of the Skitarii Legion. When he came into power the Legion had seven War Cohorts but only three still had their Alphas. So he recruited two murders from the local prison worlds due to their history of fighting spirit and skill and another one was a Princept from the Titan Legion who’s Titan was destroyed but survived though could not be connected to any other Titan but the final Alpha was a vat-born from his own DNA. He also decreed that all the Skitarii be given full awareness and no longer be automations like they used to be.

He also had the Legion moved to the moon of Bellator Majoris, which is called Bellator Minoritus because it gave him a better chance of training heavier ordnance because it is a desert wasteland. He also had a fortress called Steel-Haven which acts as a barracks, medical bay, and armory. Lacedaemon also had a Leviathan built called Iron-Fall which acted like a forward base when they are crusading across for off planets in the name of the Omnissiah.

Because of his history of being a Knight of the Steward House he is often a delegate to the House when ever there is a meeting dealing with both parties. When Malevious first published his Heretical texts Lacedaemon was the first to come to him and try to talk him out of going with it but Malevious merely said it was his destiny and his monster should not try to stop him but help him. After that Lacedaemon has made it his goal to hunt down Malevious and bring him to justice.

It is unknown whether or not the betrayal of what he saw as a father will do to him but should be watched with caution.


Proud warrior-Lacedaemon is a very proud warrior who will boast old battles but is not very arrogant because of his raising in House Steward.
Burden of a monster-Lacedaemon is tormented with the betrayal of his former father and wonders if he could actually execute him if he is captured.
Traditionalist to the end-Lacedaemon is from a Imperial Knight House so he is very traditional and will often have many pointless rituals and traditions.
A demanding General- Lacedaemon will throw out orders as if he is paid for it.

Alpha Primus Lacedaemon

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