Prognosticator Lucius Clave

Space Marine, Silver Skull, Deathwatch, Prognosticator, Kill-Marine,


“I hope your predictions are right Prognosticator.” Yelled Brother-Sergeant Caliga of Emerald Squad. This was the second time he protested this.
“Hey, do I question whether your blade slayed your foe?” Replied Lucius, with no reply. "Then don’t question my fortunes. I am an accomplished Prognosticator for a reason, Sergeant Caliga was a very bold and out spoken warrior. Lucius and Emerald Squad were both in a Drop Pod while another squad, Diamond Squad, was in anther Drop Pod with Venerable Brother Lokk. Both had yet to be launched.

The reason they were there was Lucius was put as the De Facto leader of a patrol detachment in the Gildar Rift. A common thing for the local defenders. The Silver Skulls. They were given the Strike Cruiser Silver Prophet and had been on patrol for two months now and had run into a small Ork force moving onto Gildar Septimus and Lucius read the Emperors Tarots to see if the battle should be fought or should they wait for reinforcements and to their liking the Tarots said the battle would not just be victorious but also that not a single Human life would be lost, only minor injuries to look forward to.

Then the Auto-protocol vox activated Prepare for orbital assault in T-minus thirty seconds. Primus Inter Pares and everyone responded “Primus Inter Pares!”. It was the Chapter motto in High Gothic which means ‘First among equals’ and gave Lucius much pride and started his battle fire but kept it low as was his psyche training told him. This will be a grand battle he thought.

The Pods had dropped and it took about twenty-five seconds to reach planet side and landed on the make-shift wall and once the doors on it opened bolt rounds and gore went flying.

“Get me an opening on that heavy gun point, now!” Yelled Sergeant Gar, head of Diamond Squad. And Venerable Brother Lokk answered that order. He came out from behind Emerald squad who was to Diamond Squad’s left and took aim and the Las blast that came out utterly destroyed the fortified tower that the Orks excuse for a heavy gun was place. Now all that remained was a massive bunker building. “Move up!”

Both Emerald and Diamond Squad moved up in moderate spread out pockets firing precise rounds that took out any Orks who tried to pop out and snipe who they could since only the smart or skilled marksman were still alive. “Brother Lucius! See if you can open up that gate!” Yelled Sergeant Caliga.

“Will do!” Lucius replied, and ran in from the back of Emerald Squad to the front and began putting his mind in a higher state to focus the terrors of the Warp. A ball of lightning started to develop in both of his hands and just when it looked like they were going to be too much he through them towards the Orks gate and the metal bent, burned and melted until it was just a massive hole in the wall and just when Lucius thought that it was almost over the worst happened.

“No no no no! Get out of the way!” yelled Lucius but it was too late. One of the Orks had confiscated a Hellhammer Baneblade and unrolled it from that hole and unloaded two rounds that broke Lucius’s very spirit. The first hit Brother Lokk’s right hip which kept him from returning fire and immobile then the next round hit got Lokk right in the head. Lucius could feel his rage and then silence. The entire world went silent and his brothers ceased fire in shock and terror. “I…I… I thought that… That we wouldn’t lose anyone… Its my fault…”

Lucius fell to his knees like a fallen titan and he looked at his hands seeing blood all over them and imagining it as Brother Lokk’s then it hit him. A single round in his shoulder just behind his pauldron that would do nothing to a Space Marine but it was a big enough match to start the inferno. Lucius eyes began to burn with a etheric fire that looked as if his mind was on fire and his hands were engulfed in flames and then the Orks monstrosity pointed its barrel towards Lucius but he began to walk at a slow and steady pace and then the tank fired.

Lucius merely swatted the round away as if it were a pesky insect. The tanked fired three more rounds with the same result and when Lucius was right in front of it and the barrel was half a meter away from his face he fired a bolt of etheric flame into the barrel of the wretched machine and it exploded from the inside and flames engulfed him. The Orks on the either side thought he may of died and began to laugh but they stopped when they saw a figure walk from the flames as if it were nothing and instead of flames he was now covered in lightning and when the first Ork tried to run up to him and strike him he merely gestured his hand towards him and a massive bolt of lightning went through him and everyone directly behind him and rendering them to ash and cinder.

He did this to every Ork he ran into until he found their leader. A massive ugly xenos wearing an old admirals jacket and a claw in his left hand and chain sword in his right. Lucius pulled out his Power Sword and held it two handed. It flowed with the now focused power of rage and lightning. The Ork through out some slurred insults but Lucius did not care what he said. Beast versus man, monster versus warrior, killer versus avenger. They both charged at each other and Lucius cared not if he survived it but was sure he would sever the head of this defile of fate. _My blade Fate Borne shall taste blood once more._

Prognosticator Lucius Clave

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