Genetor Malevious

Head Genetor, Lacedaemons Personal Medical adviser, Heretek,


1.9 Meters Tall, 1900 lbs, No Hair, Green Eyes, Raspy Voice,


Malevious is the highest ranking Genetor of the Emissarii Coven and was in charge of creating and maintaining the Skitarii Legion but has become a Heretek under unknown circumstances. One of his crowning achievements was Alpha Primus Lacedaemon whom he spent a total of nine months of work on and considered his own version of a son but now with his new heresy calls him his “monster”.

Malevious used to be a skilled Genetor and could do wonders with the flesh and was breaking secrets of it. Because of this he was put in charge of making the Skitarii and had access to anything he wished including the rare Thallax parts from Forge World Ur-Fornax. He had to change many of the Skitarii’s designs and programs with Lacedaemons Proclamation of Rebirth which Malevious was angry at because he saw what looked like perfection being destroyed by his so called son. It is believed this may of been his first steps to heresy.

His heresy was first proclaimed in a document called The Guide and Rules to the Perfect Union of Flesh and Machine which was deemed heresy in its first publishing due to his use of the Warp and Magics. At first he was given the chance to repent but denied that so he was banished, the Emissarii saw their failure.

At first he was only a mere nuisance from attempts at left to small time assassination attempts but has become full on raids and big time assassinations. Many Skitarii have been sent to find him and take care of it but so far they have come back empty handed or missing. The search is lead by his now monster Lacedaemon who sees the heresies as unbelievable and unwarranted. What is known is that Malevious has kept himself from unwanted corruption and has gathered many wards and such possibly from Mad World. Although there are many conflicting reports it is believed that they are called The Lodge of the Seven Circles.

His goals are still unknown and it should be watched with great caution.


Temper of a star-Malevious has a very short temper and is prone to outburst of anger.
Meticulous-He is very meticulous and will make sure he knows where everything is and such.
Obsessive-Malevious can become very obsessive on something and will make it is sole goal to deal with or finish it.

Genetor Malevious

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