Logis Sheld-Han

Logis Of The Emissarii Coven, Head Of The Crimson Collective,


2 Meters Tall,


Sheld-Han is a master of mathematics and is the creator of the Eurodis Temple on Darak Prime and is in charge of The Crimson Collective which is assigned to watch and study the Keres Anomaly on the Observatoria of Forge World Ur-Fornax or the orbital telescope above Ur-Fornax but also use it to study many different things such as equation theories including the elusive String Theory. Sheld-Han is a complete control freak and cannot stand chaos and disorder which is a reason he cannot stand the outside world (let alone the whole Galaxy) which is why when he is called on a exploratory mission he is either on the ship or on the infamous Leviathan Iron-Fall and needs a full personal guard of Kaselan Robots for protection who will be listening to him whine 24/7 if he goes outside.

His closest friend is a Lexmachanicus named Leo-27 who is the head of logging and testing in the Crimson Collective. He at times treats Leo-27 as if he is dirt but he still is loyal though this personality has gotten him in trouble with Arch-Magos Dux Ferrarii who has had to put him back in his place on many occasions.

Even with all of his flaws he may be the only hope of understanding the Keres Anomaly.


Narcissist-Sheld-Han is a complete narcissist and sees himself as better than others. even Space Marines and Inquisitors sometimes.
Fear of the outside world-Sheld-Han is very cowardly and fears the outside world. he would rather stay in his Observatory or Temple than go to even Quineus.
Control freak-Sheld-Han cannot stand dis order and must know where everything is and what is happening and go through his usual routine.

Logis Sheld-Han

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