The Vulkanus Sector

Sector Leader: Duke Lorgium Von Helsgrith
Sector Capital: Hive World Quineus
Segmentum: Tempestus

The Vulkanus Sector is an Imperial Sector in the Milky Way Galaxy that has a long history of power changing hands and secrets rising and dissipating. It is south east of Tallarn and west of Nocturne on the border of the Ultima Segmentum just on the edge of the Galactic arm. It was “liberated” by the Primarch Vulkan as one of his earliest campaigns and has held the former XVIII Legion in high regard ever since. The Sectors worth comes out of the shear amount of raw minerals and arcane technology, human and xenos alike.

It is constantly attacked by Orks on all fronts which has made the Vulkanus Sector one of the most defensive and self reliant in the Imperium second only to Macragge and Holy Terra. The Sector is seen by many as a pit waiting to die while others see it as a treasure trove that must be plundered but either way the Sector has been on its own and may be forever more.


The Sector is a pinnacle of misery and fortune with the wealth of the vast mining worlds giving the Sector the money and power it could want and plenty of enemies to through that wealth at. The Sector also has a long shadow of secrets and conspiracies as long as the faithful’s light that has kept many outsiders there, outside.

The Sector is a very old Sector going back to the mighty Great Crusade and was “liberated” by the 63rd Exploratory fleet led by the mighty Drake Lord Vulkan and his XVIII Legion which was one of Vulkan’s first large scale campaigns which forged the bonds between his Promethean sons and their Terran predecessors. To this day Vulkan has played a major part in the local Imperial Cult and the Promethean Creed has even blended into it, Vulkan is seen has the Savior and Liberator while the Holy God-Emperor is seen as the Enlightener and Guardian of the dead’s souls.

Please note that the events below are not the full record of events but only major events to give an outline. The record also includes major events of the Imperium to give a full view of the Sectors history.

  • Founding of the Dominion (Early 18th Millennium) – Colonist from Terra head out to spread the human race and a pocket of these colonist settle into a very mineral rich area of space and become the Dominion.
  • The Age of Strife (Early 25th Millennium) – Warp storms began to accumulate and separate many worlds and Psychic humans began popping up all over the Dominion which they gather and put into academies to hone their skills. Also the Men of Iron betray their human masters and in response many Noble Houses and other power groups bring p their own militaries and fight back the Iron Men with minimal damage to the Dominion.
  • The Arrival of the Iron Legion (Late 26th Millennium) – Mars sends out its fast armies of Tech-Priest, Titans, Skitarii and Knights who are welcomed with open arms within the Dominion and are given the name of Dominatus Mechanica and began construction of the Forge Worlds Bellator Majoris, Ur-Fornax and Darak Primus and the Knights begin to found the Steward Household.
  • War of the Knights (27th Millennium) – The Knight Clans of the Exodite World Ilkas’ Kaan declares war upon the Steward House and its world Castellia for unknown reasons. The war goes on for a few decades until the Great Harlequin of the Masque of the Eclipsed Mirage showed a Baron a catalyst of Soul-Crystals. Once it was returned both the Exodites and Stewards made an alliance which benefitted them both greatly. The Harlequins also perform many plays for the Steward House and later own many other Noble House and theaters within the Dominion.
  • The Black Winters begin (Late 27th Millennium) – The Ork infested Space Hulk of Mad World first comes to the Dominion above the orbit of Castellia and invades the planet but after a tough fight the Orks fall back and traverse the Dominion for awhile until they disappear back into the Warp and this process continues every five years, always with Castellia being its first target and it wanders the Sector aimlessly for an unknown amount of time.
  • The Mystic Schism (Early 28th Millennium) – With the exploration of the Ether Star (Later named the Keres Anomaly) factions within the Dominatus Mechanica begin to harness its power but the majority begin to condone the use and outcome of such power so the Techno-Enclave comes as a radical party but is mainly accepted as a liberal party but the Techno-Enclave began to take a non-violent siege of the Forge World of Darak Primus and upon a full control of the world they begin to construct a currently unknown device and began to invade the Forge World of Ur-Fornax so the very conservative Bellator brings their fleet into orbit of Darak Primus and ask for their surrender with no response so they begin to bombard the Forge World and in response the Techno-Enclave declare war upon the Dominatus Mechanica which destroys the radioactive Mining World of Bellator the Lesser (Later named Bellator Minoris) and the destruction of many Forge-Cities but the turning point was when the Steward House finally joined in by the request of the Dominatus Mechanica. The final blow was the destruction of the Ether Temple on the world of Isolation that orbits the Ether Star and any relics are put into the Vault of the Ether Star on Ur-Fornax but oddly no solid records remain of those battles and even the war machines machine-spirits have black spots in their memory about it which makes many believe that the Dominatus Mechanica may have intentional blocked those memories. Because of this the Forge Worlds came under a new banner of the Emissarii Coven which is keeps the Forge World and their Tech-Priest from using too dangerous of technology.
  • The Great Crusade begins (30th Millennium) – The Emperor of Mankind begins his Great Crusade to reunite mankind and find his lost sons, the Primarchs.
  • The Liberation War (227.M31) – The 63rd Exploratory fleet and its newly found leader Vulkan stumble upon the Dominion thanks to the prophecies of the Navigators of House Meridian and begin to bring the Imperial Truth to it. Once the Dominion was liberated and indoctrinated into the Imperium it was renamed the Vulkanus Sector. Many of the forces of the Sector pledge their allegiance to the XVIII Legion none more so than the Knight House Steward who pledged that if the Sons of Vulkan are to ever call upon them for help they must answer that call no matter what.
  • The Horus Heresy (Early 31st Millennium) – The Warmaster Horus declares war upon the Imperium and pulls many of the forces of the Imperium to his side. The forces of Vulkanus were temped by a small force of Word Bearers who were turned away by the Emissarii Coven and slain by House Steward but before they could fight back in full retaliation the leader of the Word Bearers enlarged and enraged the Warp Storms within the Sector so none could escape. This lead to the creation of the Court of Lyon for the Knights who were still among the stars with the 63rd Exploratory fleet but had to fight on their own since their forces and the small Titan detachment were off on a small crusade in the Segmentum Pacifacus by a Rogue Trader before the Heresy broke out.

The Vulkanus Sector

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